“I have been going to the Drs Liz And Lindsay for about 2 months. They are more than just Chiropractors they are therapeutic and are interested in your overall health and well being. They take their time adjusting you and you leave feeling like you are floating on air! I look forward to my adjustments every week. I highly recommend you try them, you owe it to yourself. I LOVE it!  -Manny D.

“Awesome place! Awesome Drs! Started adjustment back in Nov 17, my neck and lower back pain are getting much better, no more uneven legs! Feel fresh every time after care!” -Tong T.

“Overall excellent service from both Dr. Liz and Dr. Lindsay. After every adjustment I get this natural boost of energy that gets me through the week. I’m grateful Dr. Liz and Dr. Lindsay are helping my body recover from years of bad posture from long hours at work sitting in front of a computer. After seeing the Drs. my posture has improved, my lower back pain has decreased, and my frequent headaches are becoming less frequent. If you’re having issues sleeping, back pain, shoulder tensions, headaches, and even issues you don’t think are related to chiropractic care you should check them out. You’ll be surprised how you feel after just one treatment and you’ll want to keep going back. They also have these great affordable single and family care plans. For years I thought seeing a chiropractor would be expensive but they’re really trying to make it affordable for everyone. I would definitely recommend everyone to come see them!” -Miguel H.

“I do Mix Martial Arts in the studio Where They are located so I’ve gotten my fair share of injuries. Which I have directed my self to them to get fixed up. Most recently I hurt my wrist and Both of this lovely ladies help me recuperate. They are very attentive to Their patience and are just so sweet They have great care and partnership Between them.
Chiropractic is not only for injuries but Also to Prevent problems and fix a body tensed up, so give it a try and be surprised of how much your body needed it. d (^ _ ^ o)” -Valeria V.

“Dr. Lindsay has been my chiropractor for over 2 years and I must say that she’s amazing at her profession. She has gone above and beyond in educating me on a healthier diet (use to have really bad acid reflux) and the importance of maintaining a healthy spine in order to live life at my true potential. She has truly improved my quality of life and I would recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care to go see her.” -Juan R,

“The Drs Liz and Lindsay are just so sweet and kind! I had never been to a chiropractor before but knew I needed an adjustment because my back was just not feeling right. Dr Lindsay guided me through the process and how it all worked and made sure I was comfortable. The first “crack” of my back made me feel like a million dollars and I had almost immediate relief in my problem area. I’ve been back a few more times and even managed to get my husband to come down.  I also like to refer any of my doula clients to the Drs because they are trained specifically to treat pregnant women. I am always singing their praises!!” -Erica H.

“I began receiving care from these doctors after studying for the bar exam. Months of sitting, consisting of 18-hour study days, left me feeling depleted and with agonizing back pain. Shortly thereafter, the pain vanished and I was only left with a heightened appreciation for chiropractic care. I am approximately 30 visits into my care package. Although my back pain has subsided, I plan to continue visiting these ladies on a week-to-week basis for general wellness.” -Eric E.

“The DRs Liz and Lindsay are fantastic. I am currently pregnant and they have helped so much with my second pregnancy and healing my body from my first pregnancy since I never got adjusted after having my daughter. Very kid friendly which I am so thankful. Highly recommend these 2 amazing ladies!” -Brittany W.

“I love when these amazing women work on me. They seem to know exactly what I need before I even say it. They are so gentle and understanding. They have empowered me to do things that I never thought were possible physically and in life! I couldn’t recommend them more!” -Nicholas H.

“These ladies are the sweetest girls!! They made me feel sooo comfortable when I went in to get adjusted! I have never been to a chiropractor before and since I am a part time babysitter /student I needed some help with my back. I definitely recommend these ladies !!” -Christine T.